Saturday, July 15, 2006

Machiavelli Never Died

Comment on a post today on the Joshua Landis Syria Comment Blog ("Will Syria Get Respect?").

"activelistner" said:

"The Americans now need to choose sides, not between warring parties, but between right and wrong."

Philip I said...

Right & wrong, black & white, good & evil are, sadly, for the masses, not politicians or army commanders. You can be sure of one thing: foreign powers, however friendly, will do what is in their best interests. They may bend in the short term, but only to benefit more in the long term. The best intentioned and upright of politicians will lose his virginity upon joining the executive and regain it only after leaving political life.

Let's get this right. America (rather uncleverly) has given Iran strategic depth in Iraq by "liberating" the Shia majority. The Assads had already done so in Syria and Lebanon. So, there you have it. Now Israel and half of Europe are theoretically within range of Iraninan missiles and fanatical brand of Islam.

This is what the fight is all about. And yes, there is a deal between the Assads and the US to save their skin in exchange for Hizbullah's.

You'd better move your family to Damascus while all this is being played out.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Iranian said...

Nice weblog Phil, I liked the part where we sodomize you.

Philip I said...


You are clearly offended by the comment. You shouldn't be, because it was made in the right context.

It is not directed at Iranians but the exporting of a specific political ideology that betrays their great civilisation and threatens other nations' cultural heritage.

Iranian said...

No, I seriously liked it. Trust me, no one's happy about the government throwing money at Syria. "Allies" like this are a dime a dozen.