Tuesday, July 25, 2006

3 million Syrians live in misery, how many Lebanese have joined them now?

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UN statistics combined with unofficial estimates suggest that 40% of the Syrian labour force is unemployed. Syrian official figures show only a 13% unemployment rate.

Syria's population growth is one of the highest in the world. Many families live below the poverty line and the use of child labour is widespread. Following the Hariri assasination, more than 800,000 Syrians lost their jobs. The government pays lip service to economic and social reforms and argues that political reform is not necessary to ensure economic success (look at China, they say). The Chinese must be wondering if the Syrians will reach the moon before they do next year!


Anonymous said...

More than 800,000 Syrians lost their jobs in Lebanon after the Hariri fiasco, for which the Syrian government seems at least partly responsible.

How many Lebanese people have now lost their livelihood? 1 million? 2 millions? Is Syria not also indirectly responsible for starting this ugly and destructive war?

I agree with you. The Syrian authorities seem more interested in regional power than the welfare of their own citizens and the lives of the peaceful Lebanese majority.

Fares said...


Great post, I don't think the Lebanese would allow the Syrians back in large numbers to work unless there was a regime change in Syria that became more friendly to Lebanon. Assad is still begging for his CNN interviews to no avail...

Anonymous said...

trust me , syria is not interested in going back to Lebanon.lebanon has been and will always be a mess.
when a government takes its order from outside and stop representing the hopes of its the people. civil unrest will evolve. this is "sadly" going to happen eventually.
with the regard to the syrian economy, this is a syrian matter. Iraq had a very good economy before the stupid invasion. don't think syrians want "liberators", to improve their economy.
I wander how many american live from paycheck to paycheck?? while politicians and oil men make billions every year!!!

Nobody said...


why is the syrian birth rate the highest in the world .. i know that the regime is secular and however poor syria is it's not africa .. what is the reason for this demographic explosion ?