Friday, July 21, 2006

Free Arab women to bring up mentally balanced leaders

Ammar said (in "The death of Hope)":

"After all, ours is an authoritarian culture, in both the political and socio-religious sense, and the personal ambitions, avarice and temperaments of the leaders and rulers involved tend to be the final and most decisive factors in setting the main guidelines for the state’s policies, both domestic and foreign."

Philip I said:

Ammar, a perceptive post that lays bare the delusions and prejudices of the typical Arab mindset.

If psychoanalysts are to be believed, these are emotional disorders which develop from an early age in response to excessive authority or neglect.

At the risk of stating the obvious, nation states are made up of artificial institutions and family units. These units either nurture or stifle the mental and emotional develpment of the individual.

Culture and religion play an enormous part in the way parents and schools raise children and institutions develop and inspire adults to assume specific social roles including leadership.

The emotional disorders and prejudices that we observe are the tip of the iceberg. Underneath is a great solid mass of attitudes, convictions and memories that cannot just melt away.

Wars can bring about abrupt and fundamental change to societies. For example, in Europe, after the first world war, women demanded more rights and were able to fight off excessive male domination in the family and in public and private instituions because they sacrificed so much during the war and many men were killed. The result was that the female half of Europe quickly became more productive and better organised. Europe's institutions became more creative, more flexible and more socially fairminded.

War or no war, human history shows that unless the Arabs change their attitudes towards women, they have no hope in hell of developing into healthy and strong societies that can produce good managers and mentally balanced leaders.


Anonymous said...

"Free arab women" how interesting!
That would mean: Deprive arab men of their power. I think this is grassroots development. If you cut only the head there will be another head soonest without any difference. The last bedouin or the best western educated arab man will rule the same way.

People in syria think and behave and act as they are drilled at home, drilled within their clanship, drilled within their religious group.
The first questions has to be: Who am I, how can I change myself and what is the sense of my life. Dont obey your fathers, mothers or rulers, obey yourself. Men or women with the feeling of responsibilty for themselves do not kill, do not blame others, do not go for power over others...........

It is not enough to give women equal rights, as Philip meant, it would be just the first step.

This is a society of "tattletales" and "I told you so's." Actually there wouln't be that problem if there were opportunities for individuals to get education and find employment, but unemployment is huge and unless your family has a job for you, you are really S.O.L. As for women, the situation is worse because you are raised to rely on your family, not support yourself, and obey. Obviously there are many families not like this but from what I can tell(and I have really dug on this one) if they are not this way they are an extreme minority. The tragic thing is girls are raised here like show-ponies. Once they reach a certain age they are let out of the stall to be trotted around and looked at, and then put away and groomed. This is their life. Maybe get married and mate, but this is still done in Syrian show-pony fashion. Dating here is called being engaged. If you are in your mid twenties and not married yet there might be gossip that you are a whore, lost your virginity, are crazy or problematic. If you go against your family you will be beaten into submission, and this place is one of the MOST progressive Arab countries. Once they get married the show-pony husband will go to his job which he has never had before, and work his ass off to support the princess-like needs of his show-pony wife. Add kids. Let them run free because you can't be bothered to do anything with them because you are a princess rock star that needs to find popularity and fame. You get the picture. If you don't I can explain away the rich parents I have seen free-range their kids and not even show up for a meeting cause they are sleeping at two in the afternoon, or show up looking like Britney Spears just after a stage concert, allthewhile still wearing the giant rock-star glasses. It's like that. If the parent aren't rich then enter devout religion over the show-pony lifestyle and imagine what kind of neurosis that will build in a child.

What Allah told us in his holy book may solve the problems:

Mezla said...

Unfortunately, Muslim women are only marginally less psychotic than Muslim men.

Anonymous said...

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