Saturday, June 25, 2011

Threat of Turkish invasion suffocates Syrian regime

Western powers, through Turkey, have tried hard to persuade Assad to lead a peaceful transition to a genuine multi-party democracy but failed. They are giving him one last chance despite the intransigence of the primitive savages in his extended family.

The alliance of  Western powers, Israel and conservative Sunni Arab governments would like nothing more than to end Iran’s influence in Syria and Lebanon. If this cannot be done peacefully then Turkey will be happy to oblige militarily on behalf of the alliance.

Turkey has welcomed 13,000 Syrian refugees, not just on humanitarian grounds, but also to give the alliance a pretext for military intervention in Syria if necessary. When the regime was left in no doubt about the alliance’s intentions, it moved swiftly to stem the flood of refugees, cutting off all major roads to Turkey in the border region.

The choice given to Assad and his clan was made crystal clear: make way for a democratic government, and we will guarantee your safety, or die. The threat will work but not until  Damascus and Aleppo have seen a massive popular uprising. The regime has maintained a tight grip on both cities and when small protests have erupted in the suburbs they have been dealt with quickly and with less brutality than that inflicted on other towns and villages. The protests will continue to grow each week and the more people are hurt the more widespread the protests will become and the easier it will be for the Western alliance to intervene.

Iran can do little to protect its protégés in the region. The era of igniting conflicts on the Lebanese/Israeli border at will is over. Such attempts will be catastrophic for both the beleaguered Syrian army and Hizbullah. Missiles or no missiles, neither can cope with a three-pronged attack from the south (Israel), the west (naval forces) and the north (Turkey), not to mention aerial bombardment.

The Syrian regime is all but finished; it is only a matter of time before it implodes or is obliterated. If the Assad tribe still possesses an ounce of intelligence and sanity it should yield to the will of the people now and save its own skin. No despot who sleeps on feathers fights to the end against overwhelming force.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another ventriloquist speech


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tuyus jabalieh heading for the slaughterhouse

In Syria we refer to stubborn belligerent idiots as “tuyus jabalieh” or mountain goats. No one can reason with them. They bully, torment, torture and then kill everyone in sight just to prove that they have the firepower and will use it as they please. Yet, when faced with superior power, they do not fight back; they go quiet, squirm and flee. Force is the only language they understand.

The psychopathic Assad family and its close relatives think it is brave to kill the defenceless, mutilate their bodies, bomb their houses, burn their crops and slaughter their animals. Genghis Khan was a brutal warrior; Maher Al Assad is just a coward and spoilt brat with limited intelligence, a bad temper and too much loot soaked with Lebanese and Syrian blood.

Where were he and the rest of the Assad clan when Israeli jets buzzed their palaces in the Alawite Mountains and bombed military sites near Damascus and Deir Al Zor? Have they ever tried to defend the country or fight for the return of the Golan which their father lost through incompetence and stubborn bravado?

Supreme idiocy is in their genes; they are now shooting down their political options one by one, burning their bridges with the civilised world and pushing themselves into a tight corner. In the end they will flee then be pursued and slaughtered. In the meantime many more innocent men women and children will fall victims to the Assads’ insatiable greed and lust for power.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has despaired with them after trying hard to save them from themselves and now even the Israelis are giving up on them as true long-term allies! Their naive message to the West that Syria would descend into chaos if they were to fall does not impress anyone. The world can see through their criminal attempts to ignite sectarian wars in a country that respects diversity and religious freedom. The Iranians, Russians and Chinese all have their own agendas and will be quick to switch sides or find new Syrian allies when the Assads are mortally wounded.

Nor will the Syrian public fall for their lies and pitiful tactic of alternating between brutality and apparent civility; more than 1,500 people have already been murdered in cold blood and when the current show of force in Jisr Al-Shugour is over the regime will again (yawn) offer meaningless concessions then shoot down more protesters.

The people are no longer afraid and many are determined to fight for freedom and avenge the death, torture or incarceration of their relatives, friends and other fellow citizens.

The Genie is out of the bottle and will not calm down until it has consigned this regime and its sympathisers to the dustbin of history.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Can they sink any lower?

Who are those psychopaths who have been let loose by the Assad clan to inflict such barbarity on an innocent child like Hamza Ali al-Khateeb?

Where is the sophisticated Asma Al-Assad now? Is she shopping at Harrods for an expensive new toy for little Hafez?

The poor woman is not my soft target for today after running out of ideas. Her misfortune (or misjudgment) of marrying into such a monsterous feudal family is her's to live with for the rest of her life, but why should the rest of the country?

We never chose to live with these primitive murderous bastards. Of course they are now fighting for survival and we should not be surprised by their desparate acts. The horrific torture and mutilation of a 13-year old child shows clearly that they are losing control of their senses and their hired thugs.

I have absolutely no doubt that the country has now reached the point of no return, that the end of this regime is drawing near and that the final scene will be extremely ugly.

I wish Asma had stuck to her career in investment banking. Not only has she given the regime an air of respectability but also a 10-year lease of life through her persistent charm offensives. Her charm cannot bring Hamza back to life but his death will breath life back into Syria.