Friday, June 03, 2011

Can they sink any lower?

Who are those psychopaths who have been let loose by the Assad clan to inflict such barbarity on an innocent child like Hamza Ali al-Khateeb?

Where is the sophisticated Asma Al-Assad now? Is she shopping at Harrods for an expensive new toy for little Hafez?

The poor woman is not my soft target for today after running out of ideas. Her misfortune (or misjudgment) of marrying into such a monsterous feudal family is her's to live with for the rest of her life, but why should the rest of the country?

We never chose to live with these primitive murderous bastards. Of course they are now fighting for survival and we should not be surprised by their desparate acts. The horrific torture and mutilation of a 13-year old child shows clearly that they are losing control of their senses and their hired thugs.

I have absolutely no doubt that the country has now reached the point of no return, that the end of this regime is drawing near and that the final scene will be extremely ugly.

I wish Asma had stuck to her career in investment banking. Not only has she given the regime an air of respectability but also a 10-year lease of life through her persistent charm offensives. Her charm cannot bring Hamza back to life but his death will breath life back into Syria.


Najwa said...

Frankly just cause Asmaa is educated and pretty, does not mean that she is humantarian, there is no real reason to think that...a lot of good looking educated people are not. Many western intellectuals and even pretty celebs support horrible Israeli military actions for ex., about time we stop being fooled by shallow looks and Public relations marketing.

Philip I said...

Thank you Najwa for your comment.

You are absolutely right, education and looks don't necessarily amount to fair mindedness or good judgment.

The point is that the regime has used her to sell the "we-too-have-blue-eyes, nice, modern, Westernised, down-to-earth, Assad family" story to the rest of the world to gain acceptability and respectability.

I do not personally blame her much for this even though she has been complicit in promoting this silly image for political reasons. In any case Syrians could see the shallowness of it all.