Monday, July 17, 2006

Look into Hizbullah's soul, then your own

Since the 1920's, we in the Levant have had the misfortune of being ruled by a cocktail of elitist liberals, vengeful villagers, tin pot kings or psychopathic army officers.

Hizbullah is the product of long-term marginalisation and oppression of Shia Muslims in the Middle East. It is also the embodiment of an over-zealous ideology that rejects secularism and nationalism for a utopian Islamic state. Iran has nurtured it since its infancy in the early 1970s and the Syrian regime has used it as cannon fodder against Israel and its own enemies.

We are now paying the price for allowing ourselves to be ruled by generations of people who neither learn from human history nor care about human life or human potential.

Don't just blame Hizbullah for bringing death and destruction to the poor Lebanese people.

Look into your own soul and ask yourself if you have fought hard enough for freedom, tolerance and social justice. In all honesty I have not. But gazing through the blood-splattered TV screens, I am certainly not going to stop trying.

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Anonymous said...

I blame israel for the destruction of south lebanon. as long as they keep occupying arab lands, resistance will continue.