Sunday, June 25, 2006

Syrian Nationalist Party frothing at the mouth

The SNP has posted a comment today on "The CIA's View of Syria" post by Joshua Landis.

I found it rather sad that these well-intentioned people are still living an impossible dream. So I just had to respond:

Syrian Nationalist Party, whoever you are, just calm down! Life to you seems to be a great big, satanic conspiracy. SOUMMOOD AND TAHADDI are empty words used too often by demagogues. Strength and steadfastness are silent and come from within. Corrupt and despotic rulers, having weakened their nations, sell them down the river to the highest bidder. So, one day we are raped by the Israelis and greedy superpowers and the next day we are soddomised by the Iranians after being offered friendship and pocket money.

Wake up! No nation can survive by stupidly clinging to past glories, religion or questionable alliances. In order to build inner strength, people must be free and governments honest, representative and fair. Stop burying your head in the sand and put your own house in order first.

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Anonymous said...

Philip the SNP and Metaz And the other paranoid commentators are all one person. Don't worry about him too much.