Friday, June 16, 2006

The Golan Heights

My comment on a post by Rime Allaf (So what about the Golan? June 15, 2006):

Friday, June 16, 2006

It was digusting to see how Israel was able to bomb the alleged training camp near Damascus in 2003, without a shot being fired by our air or ground forces. They didn't even see them coming. Where have all the billions of dollars extracted for the military gone over the years? What's the point of military service?

It was equally digusting to watch the regime plead for restarting the negotiations to save its skin at the expense of the nation's honour and dignity.

Rime, you have directed your fire equally at the US/Israel and the Syriam regime. I say save all your fire and ire for the regime and the regime alone. You know very well that weakness and disunity could be exploited even by friends, let alone enemies. The US and Israel are only protecting their interests. Negotiating from a position of self-induced weakness has the moral equivalence of soddomy.

A nation does not need a vast mountain of military hardware to protect itself. Good effective institutions and clever and honest people are the best defence. In the last 30 years, the regime has not only destroyed the nation's institutions but the whole fabric of society. Millions have immigrated while those who have remained are being tortured mentally and physically. The Golan Heights? The regime doesn't even realise that it can't give them away. They've already been taken.

The only card left in its hands is what I call religious thuggery. Scare the West by giving Iran more strategic depth in Syria and Lebanon. The clever Americans have already succeeded in giving Iran strategic depth in Iraq! work it out! It is in our interest to see Iran and the US reach some kind of accommodation over nuclear weapons. The regime will have absolutely nothing left to scare the West with. Bremmertz will then drive the last nail in its coffin.

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howie said...

Once again...I am very impressed.

You are a smart man Phillip I and honest...which is a rarity.