Sunday, June 25, 2006

The CIA's View of Syria

The following is my comment on a post that has appeared on today:

Michael Scheuer is 100% correct. The Syrian regime has never posed a real threat to the US. That is one reason why the Israeli lobby has not been able to persuade the Bush Administration to commit to a policy of regime change. The Administration simply wants the regime to have no claws.

Interestingly, soon after Boy Assad was comically installed, the Israeli lobby stopped pushing for a regime change. Present-day Syria could not be more wonderful. Utterly incompetent, corrupt, rudderless, toothless and, above all, useful in keeping the Islamists at bay.

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Anonymous said...

are you talking about" syria"?. when was the last time you were there? because it sounds like you know alot??.
if you didn't know Syria is getting stronger by the minute, I think the last war in Lebanon was a proof of that, don't you think!.
Dr assad had forseen this mess in Irag long before Bush and his smart advisors did.if there is a winner in this region, it's syria, this small country that is still standing in the face of greed and the desire of world domination.