Saturday, January 29, 2011

Washington Bribes Corrupt Egyptian Generals

An Egyptian military delegation visiting its paymasters in Washington two days ago was told not to intimidate the population, ease Mubarak out of office and take control. The delegation was promised additional financial and material support to enable an interim military government to introduce partial political reforms, cut food prices and help the unemployed.

In other words, Washington and the Israeli lobby are trying to buy more time and prevent the complete meltdown of a client state.

A slightly cleaner and more nationalistic government would probably open the Raffah crossing to Gaza and threaten to revoke the peace agreement with Israel, thus costing Washington and Israel a great deal more to appease and fund. That would be a good medium term outcome for starving ordinary Egyptians but not sustainble politically or economically. The nation wants radical change. Until the majority is lifted out of poverty, it is unlikely that any future government will enjoy popularity or stability.

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