Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The oppressed finally take to the streets

Tunisia and now Egypt. Mubarak's regime will not crack that easily; the Israelis , Americans and local army chiefs and business barons are firmly behind it.

The demonstrations have built up some momentum but change in Egypt can only come about when people take to the streets in their millions and paralyse the country for weeks not days.

What have they got to lose and who cares what comes after the chaos? Could it possibly be any worse than the decades-long humiliation, subjugation and near-starvation of a great nation by an aging despot backed by foreign enemies?

In Syria, we of course have our own home-grown little despot regime. While it has plundered, mismanaged and abused the country for a whole generation it has at least shied away from becoming a total stooge of any foreign power. I call this smart but not smart enough. One day young Syrians too will take to the streets out of sheer frustration with corruption, lack of freedom and lack of jobs. An oppressive regime cannot continue to feed itself and all of the hungry people at the same time!

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