Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Israel's moral bankruptcy

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Benjamin Netanyahu said on television last night that easing the blockade on Gaza would put Iranian missiles in the hands of Hamas.

"The international community cannot afford an Iranian port on the Mediterranean".

These are the words of a desperate man who personally authorised the raid on the aid ships that has backfired on Israel.

It is interesting how the prime minister complains about the so-called Israeli commandos being attacked by ordinary people on one of the ships with sticks and knives in order to justify the killing of nine of them. Who attacked whom? and how else can unarmed people defend themselves?

Note that it is the same language and tactic that Israelis have used since 1948 to justify their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. They occupy their lands, destroy their homes, cage them and starve them then bleat to the world about being under threat from the people they torment.

The game is up for Israel. If it ever had any real friends (it usually buys friends) it is losing them fast as it continues to expose its own absolute moral bankruptcy. The State of Israel is becoming an outcast and an embarrassment to its own people.

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