Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gingrich is right, Palestinians are an invented people

He has, after all, a Phd in history and knows exactly what he is talking about.

There was no "State of Palestine" under Ottoman rule, nor was there a State of Israel.

There were lots of Palestinian Arabs and some Palestinian jews. They lived side by side in relative harmony  until European jews flooded Palestine, displaced the Palestinian Arabs and invented the State of Israel.

There were no fat white settlers  in America before the 17th century, nor was there a "United Republic of Apaches and Blackfeet".  There were, however, 8 million native Red Indians who have been all but wiped out by the new settlers who invented the United States of America.

Funny how men in pursuit of high office in the United States of America almost always turn into moral Judas; they are quick to re-write history and exchange personal integrity for the cheapest Jewish votes.


playwrighter said...

Regarding your 8 million number, no one knows how many native Americans there were, back before the European colonies. No one counted them. Also, no one knows how many native Americans died or didn't die as a result of contact with Europeans. This in the same sense of our not knowing how many Syrians, Egyptians and Palestinians died, or didn't die, as a result of the Arab invasions of the 8th century. You people have made a cottage industry out of pointing your garlicky fingers at the USA and denouncing its "crimes" but you have some criminal history to explain, too....

Philip I said...


Of course, we'll never know the size of the Indian population before the arrival of Europeans but there are lots of estimates of how many have perished since. See for example:

Also we'll never know how many the Arabs killed or the Romans slaughtered in ancient history. But this is surely not the point.

Gingrich knows his history and is no fool. But by being disingenous in his remarks about the Palestinians he has declared himself to be another willing piper for Tel Aviv. In reality he will not betray his country but did he have to stoop so low to be elected?

Abu Kareem said...

"Your garlicky fingers"... Ah yes, the subtle language of the bigot.

playwrighter said...

Talk about bigots, Abu
Baby. Read Philip's post (it's just above yours). He's playing the JewBoy card. Newt talked some shit about the Palestinians so he must be a shill for the Jews. You people have Jews crawling out of the woodwork. Everytime you fuck up, you blame the Jews. Everytime your car won't start, you blame the Jews. Everytime your girlfriend calls y6ou a loser, you blame the Jews.

And you wonder why no one likes you.

Philip I said...

Let us not exaggerate and make sweeping statements. We blame only some Jews and for doing this:

..and this:

...and this:

...and also this:

But we really really like this wise Jew:

...and love these ones: