Monday, April 18, 2011

Syria's baboons & stubborn mountain goats

The second half of This short amateur video was captured in Banias (a small town in northern Syria). It shows how blatant, sadistic and vindictive regime thugs can be.

This second video was posted on Facebook. The beatings and torture are all too evident on the faces and backs of these brave men from Banias.

Unfortunately for Syrians, the stubborn mountain goats that have ruled the country for 40 years will not give in until they have brought the country to its knees and murdered thousands of innocent civilians. The fools among the Assad clan (and they are in the majority) have had many chances to reform and repent but have chosen the path of arrogance, domination, greed and destruction. It is now too late. The popular uprising is unstoppable and we are staring at the abyss.

The battle ground is widening and foreign powers are beginning to exploit the instability to their own advantage. They are encouraging and funding the religious and political factions that will best serve their own strategic interests. Iran has already mobilised Hizballah with instructions to destabilise Lebanon or ignite another war with Israel as a warning shot to Western powers and conservative Sunni rulers in the region.

Syria's despotic regime is betting on its ability to crush the uprising and trigger a major international conflict in the face of existential threat. Only a regime implosion or an army coup, led by patriotic and secular generals, can save Syria from a worse fate than that of Iraq.

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