Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why is syplanet.com out of action at this time?

It is rather curious that syplanet.com has been down since the troubles/demonstrations in Syria began about a week ago. The site provides links to many Syrian blogs which disseminate news and general commentary from within and outside Syria. The blogs reflect a wide spread of opinions on events in the country and are therefore a good barometer of political and non-political sentiment.

A "cached" link to the site is still operational and visitors can therefore access the long list of Syrian blogs via this link: syplanet.com (cached link)

Is it the sheer weight of traffic or something more sinister that has put it out of action at this time?


Sasa said...

Syria Planet is hosted in the US, by a US-based blogger, as far as I know. I'll try to find out what's happened.

Sasa said...

He's got it back up and running now... :)

Philip I said...

Thank you very much Sasa. That's good news.