Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Libyan womaniser & megalomaniac goes trigger happy

Young Arabs have a lot to thank Tim Berners-Lee and Julian Assange for.

No longer will self-appointed psychopaths like Gaddafi, who has held on to power for 42 years, be able to prevent desparate Arab youths from taking control of their own lives. The Internet has brought information democracy into their own bedrooms and images of how other, less fortunate but healthier, societies live and breathe.

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely and oil-funded absolute power gives birth to delusional megalomaniacs. Only God knows how much pain and suffering a pathetic man like Gaddafi, and tens of thousands of brain-washed and trigger-happy militias, can inflict on a defenceless civilian population.

Despots never learn from history nor do they believe that their subjects could possibly stop worshiping and glorifying them. Aleady more than 100 in Baida and Benghazi are dead and hundreds are injured. More tragedies will undoubtedly follow.

The best thing the Libyan people can do for their leader now is to drive him deep into the Sahara desert and leave him there with a tent and 42 goats.


kareem said...

Philip I, I like your last suggestion; a fitting end to a ruler who has long ago overstayed his welcome.

Philip I said...

Good to hear from you kareem. Sadly, the situation has now turned very ugly and tribal. I cannot see a peaceful or dignified end to this massacre.

Kamal said...

Missed your blog....
Keep the good work...
remember you enlightened me about the dirty dictator back in 2003.
I think good will come out of trashing those dirty bastards from the history of the area..