Sunday, February 01, 2009

Holocaust?.......What Holocaust?!


Anonymous said...

It's a shame when people do not know - pictures are one thing.Go read, understand, you silly idiot!Shame on you!

Philip I said...

Hello Wisenheimers

Thank you. I've been reading this for the last 61 years

.....and this!

Perhaps, you would like to listen to this wise Israeli instead of getting all upset.

aquiles m said...

I you load my favorites.
Thank you

clemmen said...

Hey phillip - you SPAMMER!!!!

MAR said...

Entre la población judía europeano había un grupo terrorista como Hamás, nadie les usaa como escudos humanos, ni disparaban constantemente misiles contra alemania. Si hablamos de genocidio en este caso es de AUTOGENOCIDIO

pacobetis said...

burda manipulación con fotos sacadas de contexto

R said...

Funny, I thought these might be photos of Hama:

The Baathists know how to deal with insurrection. The Israelis are lightweights.

Thiago said...

La gente hace distinciones entre Holocausto y Matanza como si ello fuera posible... NO se debe comparar, es verdad, pero tan injusto es una cosa como la otra. MIentras haya un solo muerto por motivos religiosos o politicos no podemos descansar.

El holocausto ha sido terrible, algo realmente increíble e inhumano, como las matanzas de Stalino o de Pol Pot. Pero todo ello no jsutifica los ataques a Gaza. Por eso mismo, por los sufrimientos que el pueblo judío ha pasado debería mostrar un poco más de piedad.

Los grupos terroristas son TODOS odiosos y HAMAS lo es, pero la violencia de los EStados es igual de injusta y criminal.

¡PAZ! y a sus pies, Majestad Philip ! jajajaa


Anonymous said...

Holocaust 6 million dead.
Armenian genocide 1.5 million dead 60% of the population.
Rwandan genocide 1 million dead.

These are genocides, these cannot be compared to what happened in Gaza, not even by posting similar pictures.

But this comment is not a retaliation to your post Philip. I just think you fell for the same mistake the Israelis did, disproportionate response. You just didn't kill 800 innocent civilians in the process!

By the way, your blog just got multilingual, congratulations!

Philip I said...


We live in the present and in the vicinity; our generation cannot just sit on its hands while a handful of populist and insane Israeli leaders commit crimes against humanity.

I am afraid your argument about disproportionality in the pictures does not stand;

There is moral equivalence among all genocides regardless of scale. The horror and pain of any one victim do not diminish because only 1000 others have suffered a similar fate rather than a million.

Linguist said...

I love the blog! Thanks for keeping it real and educatin' the racist haters.

سلام يا سيدي

Lirun said...

its a huge tragedy but its not a genocide.. thats a violent misframing of tragic events..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am wondering exactly what George thinks with this..

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