Saturday, January 10, 2009

1967 War: watch the humiliating video

I am re-posting this video by popular demand. You can now watch it on this page. For a brief description and comments click here. (5 minutes)


mnuez said...

Humiliating, huh? That's the problem with you guys, it's all about "honor" and bullshit like that. Assad advocates a "battle of annihilation" for the sake of some small corner of the "Arab homeland" and your only criticism of him is that he was inaccurate in being able to keep his bloodthirsty promise.

As you may or may not have read on Jameel's blog where you trolled your comment directly after mine, I'm no fan of this stupid war in Gaza. I believe that it would be a fine war if it would solve Israel's problems once and for all in dealing with animals such as the death-cult leaders who dwell there, but I don't see it doing that so I consider it needless death and trauma.

You however give no inclination about actually caring about the suffering of others. You would be joyful if we Jews were all massacred by your army. You simply UTILIZE the language of human rights as an effective weapon because you've noticed how vulnerable we Jews are to such patterings.

You should have left us the fuck alone in '67 (and in '48 and in '73, etc) because so help me God, if I have the power to do so, the next time that you attack, I WILL take your capital and kick you all the fuck out of there. Just leave us the fuck alone and we'll never even swat a fly in your direction. We desire life for ourselves and ideally for all while your people care inordinately about such nonsense as "humiliations" and some such, for which you're willing to kill and die.

Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

No doubt, it must be humiliating.
Q. what is most difficult thing to do militarily?
A. To shoot an Arab soldier in the front without hitting the child or the woman he is hiding behind.

Philip I said...


Please calm down. All your troubles will go way once you have dismantled all the illegal settlements that you have established beyond the 1947 UN partition lines.

Actually, you can keep most of them under the very generous Arab peace plan of 2002. But still you are not satisfied.

Like Bernie Madoff, the world is waking up to the fact that all the sympathy that it has invested in Israel's expansionist dream since 1947 is just a great Ponzi scam resulting in over 100,000 Palestinian deaths.

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