Sunday, December 28, 2008

21st Century Jewish Nazism

Here we go again. Israel's leaders compete among each other in annihilating the greatest number of caged, starved and strangled Gazans, just to make a cheap political point.

Having bombed 270 people out of existence and maimed 700 others in one day, Livni can now claim to be as macho as Netanyahu and any of the other Israeli chieftains.

What is it with Israel's psychopathic leaders and Zionist day-dreamers? They never tire of crowing about the Pogroms and Holocaust, yet if they hold up a mirror against their own faces they will see Swastikas etched deep into their foreheads.

Postscript at 31 December 2008: The death toll has reached over 400, of whom a quarter are women and children. The total injured is over 2000 and the Gazan hospital and emergency services are nearing collapse.


voicelessnation said...

Of all international responses I think two describe the situation best.

The Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, who said that while Egypt condemned Israel, it has long warned Hamas that this would be Israel's response should Qassam fire continue.

And the Vatican's
"Hamas is a prisoner to a logic of hate, Israel to a logic of faith in force as the best response to hate. One must continue to search for a different way out, even if that may seem impossible"

Philip I said...

Thank you voicelessnation for your comment.

Aboul Gheit's warnings are not exactly overflowing with foresight and wisdom. Anyone could have predicted the Isreali response. What has been Egypt's response to the Israeli blockade of Gaza since it pulled out of the territory? Soft condemnation or quiet complicity?

The Vatican has got it the wrong way round. Israel is a prisoner to a logic of hate, Hamas to a logic of faith in force (because there is no other avenue left to it).

Israel vacated a house that it had illegally occupied because it did not like the stench of poverty and the cries of sick babies. Then it surrounded the house, cut off the electricity and water supply and banned the breadwinners from leaving the house. Now it is trying to bomb the house and its occupants out of existence.

Who is the prisoner of hate here?