Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Students’ exams postponed to encourage Assad worship

The Ministry of Education in Syria has decided to postpone student exams which would have coincided with the presidential referendum on 27 May.

The Ministry, guided by the Baath Party, has declared that students, teachers and school administrators “will wish” to take part in the nationwide rallies planned in support of the president on that day. Assad, the sole candidate, is seeking a second 7 year-term in office in a yes or no vote.

Thanks to fellow Syrian blogger Yazan for highlighting this highly-educated and intelligent decision (Arabic text).


Fares said...

Philip, I lie the post title and someone did an excellent job on the picture!!!

Fares said...

like not lie, I lvoe the comment that you left on my post about:

"regime agents flooding cyberspace with verbal sewage"

"show the world how they should express adulation for their own leaders, the Syrian way!"