Sunday, February 11, 2007

What Assad thinks of the Syrian people

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Golaniya said...
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Golaniya said...

lol good one, but who is the genius who draw it?

Restless in Dubai said...

I thought they were studying an amendment to the article 8.

What happened?


Restless in Dubai said...

One more thing man.

It just hit me when looking at Emperor Philip's icon.

Why on earth would they call him Philip the Arab? And here I am talking about the History Curriculum in Syrian Schools?

Stupidity or Hoax?


Philip I said...

restless in dubai

Assad apparently told the central committee of the Baath Party, which was debating this and other possible political reforms, on 8 February, that the Baath Party (i.e. him as its General Secretary) would not allow a change to Article 8. See the comment posted by GulGamish in Arabic on (So, What’s on My Zune?). He quotes the source as Syria News.

Fares said...

Remembering Hariri

Anonymous said...

actully this is what he thinks of isreal people.But not only are they donkies but cowerds.