Saturday, January 27, 2007

Iranian eyes in the sky

Iran is expected to launch a spy satellite
using a converted ballistic missile. The Israelis launched their first satellite in 1988. They have since deployed a range of spy, communication and weather satellites and plan to launch more sophisticated versions later this year and next. The new all-weather satellites can capture high resolution images of objects measured in centimetres rather than meters.

Although Iran has a great deal of catching up to do, demonstrating success in basic missile and space technology will have a profound impact on the region. If a missile can carry payloads of 300kg or more into orbit, it can also deliver chemical, biological or nuclear warheads over thousands of miles. The strategic military and political balance in the Middle East has already shifted in Iran’s favour as a direct result of the idiotic Iraq invasion.

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Neither the US nor Israel can now stop Iran developing her missile technology and they are unlikely to be able to prevent her from developing nuclear weapons.

The Israeli military boasts about its capacity to launch bombing raids on Iranian nuclear sites near Asfahan and Arak, which are approximately 1000 miles away. Israeli pilots have apparently been practising the 2000 mile round trip by flying to Gibraltar, but they know that the nuclear sites are too well protected. They would have to use small-scale nuclear bunker-buster bombs to penetrate deep into the thick rock and concrete fortifications. Iran could retaliate on many fronts; by firing missiles at Israel, blocking the Straits of Hormuz to oil traffic and mobilizing Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria could enter the fray too by advancing into the Golan.

Perhaps the neocons who had set out to “secure the realm” and ended up letting the Persian genie out of the bottle, weren’t so clever after all. Why couldn't Sharon have made concessions to the Palestinians instead of bringing down the temple onto all our heads?


Anonymous said...

Forgive me your Majesty, but do you really believe That the Iranians need the Palestinian Excuse to develop their Nuclear program? The Iranian regime have been against Israeli-Palestinian negotiations since its beginnings in Madrid in 1991.

By The way, I picked up an headline about a week ago, about Ayatollahs telling Mr. Ahmedinijad to stay away from the Nuclear issue: So maybe diplomatic and economic pressure do help: 60% of Iran's GDP is from Oil. Also, Iran lacks refining capabilities, forcing it to rely on imported Gasoline, which is promptly given away to the iranian public at a ridiculously low price (roughly 9 US cents per liter). An effective trade embargo would cause its economy to implode - and so will social order.

Lets just hope this happens BEFORE they go nuclear.


عشتار said...

Very scary , am not sure what will stop the persian genie or the secterian genie and the cevil wars and the nuclear war....
Everything is falling on our heads indeed...

Anonymous said...

the middle east should be free of all nuclear weapons. like the ones Israel had for a long time.american policy will never work in the middle east as long it blindly support israel.