Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Prisoners of conscience

Syrian human rights activists remain incarcerated without fair trial or access to their families despite numerous international appeals for their release. The list is long but includes Mahmoud Issa, Michel Kilo, Khalil Hasan, Anwar el Bunni, Suleiman al-Shamar, Ali Abdallah, Mohammed Ali Abdallah, Kamal Labwani, Fateh Jamous, Habib Saleh and Aref Dalila. They are all peaceful intellectuals and civil society activists whose only crime was to call for democratic change.

Syrian Blogger, Fares has been working tirelessly to highlight their plight. This post is in response to his latest appeal to remember those who have lost their freedom in order to keep the rest of us free.

We demand their immediate release.

Here is a link to Amnesty International's index page on Syria and another link to a press release by, the Global Campaign for Free Expression. Whether you identify with their cause or not, please help to defend the right of fellow human beings to freedom or a fair trial by drawing attention to their predicament. You can copy and paste the above links into your own posts or refer others to this post. Thank you for your support.


Fares said...

TY Philip, great post and great picture!!! I knew I could count on you.

Fares said...

Philip, down to 5!
Jamous is out, who is next?